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Tai Chi in San Francisco, CA


San Francisco Tai Chi Class Schedule


Based on the principles of Yin and Yang, Tai Chi (Taiji) 太极 is the Supreme Ultimate.  It draws from both traditional Chinese martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine to improve health, enhance balance and flexibility, and increase energy and vitality. Students in our Tai Chi classes in San Francisco practice the five major styles of Tai Chi (Taiji), particularly the Chen, Yang, and Sun styles. Chen style Tai Chi (Taiji) emphasizes smooth silk-reeling fluidity with harmony of hard, soft, fast, and slow, great for increasing energy. Yang style Tai Chi (Taiji) features large, stretching, and expansive postures and is perfect for enhancing balance and general wellness. Sun style Tai Chi (Taiji) is unique for its agile, yet low-impact, stepping patterns and is excellent for improving joint health.

Group Classes and Private Lessons

Our group Tai Chi classes in San Francisco are closed at this time. Currently, Dr. Ng is available for in-person private Tai Chi classes and virtual Tai Chi classes online. For more information, please contact us.

Corporate Tai Chi Wellness Workshops

For office Tai Chi classes at work, please click here.

Why choose our Tai Chi classes in San Francisco?


Personalized and Engaging Classes with Highly Qualified Instruction


Mike J. Ng Tai Chi classes in San Francisco strive to be challenging, yet fun and engaging, offering our students a learning environment that is extremely personal, warm, and welcoming.


All classes are personally taught by Master Mike Ng, who attends to each individual student, making corrections, answering questions, and teaching new material.


You will discover immediately that Master Ng is both patient and thorough in his teaching, always willing to clarify points and further explain and demonstrate in detail the mechanics and purpose of each posture.

Quality Training, Not Just Following Along


Our San Francisco Tai Chi classes are unique in that they promote quality Tai Chi (Taiji) training with a special focus on detail and refinement, while still maintaining an atmosphere that is both respectful and supportive.  Far too often, Tai Chi (Taiji) is taught in a "just follow along" type nature. This, however, results in students merely mimicking the physical movements with no actual understanding of the principles of Tai Chi (Taiji).

At Mike J. Ng Tai Chi San Francisco, we overcome this with Shifu's step-by-step structured approach to stance, posture, and forms training: individual movements and footwork, along with their body mechanics and practical applications, are introduced in detail; these are then strung together into various combinations, which in turn, are linked together into complete Tai Chi (Taiji) forms.  This method of teaching offers all of our students a strong foundation and in-depth understanding in Tai Chi (Taiji), which is not only conducive to their continued practice, but provides for a rewarding hands-on experience in this powerful, yet equally elegant, centuries-old art form.

Steady Progress and Skill Building, No Guessing Where to Go Next

While many of our students have little to no Tai Chi (Taiji) background prior to joining Mike J. Ng Tai Chi and Bagua Institute, they soon develop skills they initially thought would be difficult or even impossible to learn!  This is due largely in part to our structured, progressive curriculum that was specially designed by Master Ng to guide our students step-by-step, easing them into their Tai Chi (Taiji) training, honing their skills, and helping them to achieve their personal goals.

For beginning students, our curriculum begins with the basic Tai Chi (Taiji) postures and movements.  Qigong (Chi Kung) exercises are also integrated into every class, allowing students of all levels to appreciate the meditative aspects of Tai Chi (Taiji) practice.  As students progress through the curriculum, they learn more advanced hand and weapon forms.  At the advanced level, students not only continue to learn more challenging sets but also focus in greater detail on the intricacies of each form, including energy cultivation and practical self defense and martial application.


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What to expect in our San Francisco Tai Chi classes

TAI CHI FOUNDATIONS:  Set to relaxing music, this San Francisco Tai Chi class consists of a series of moving meditation, fundamental postures, and essential Tai Chi movements to calm the mind, relax the body, increase vitality, open the meridian channels, and exercise the joints, muscles, and tendons. Stretching and light calisthenics are also incorporated, making it a full-body yet low-impact workout.
No experience is required for our San Francisco Tai Chi Foundations class, which makes it great for beginners who are looking for an easy way to get started and experience the physical and mental benefits of Tai Chi!

TAI CHI FORMS:  Our traditional Tai Chi classes in San Francisco are designed for individuals who are looking to expand on the Tai Chi Foundations and learn authentic Chen, Yang, and Sun style Tai Chi forms, theory, and practical applications.  This two-hour Tai Chi class session includes our Tai Chi Foundations class PLUS an additional hour dedicated to the practice and refinement of intricate Tai Chi forms to cultivate internal energy and harmonize mind and body (listed below is some of the material taught by Master Ng in our Tai Chi classes in San Francisco.)


What is taught in our Tai Chi San Francisco classes

Our San Francisco Tai Chi (Taiji) curriculum follows the traditional and authentic way by which Tai Chi (Taiji) has been passed down from generation to generation by our pastmasters.  Leading by example, Master Ng strives to motivate and inspire each of our students to pursue self-improvement and self-discovery via the lifelong journey that is Tai Chi (Taiji).

Students learn a variety of Tai Chi forms including Simplified 13 and 36 Movements, Compulsory 56 Postures, First Road Form, Second Road Form (Cannon Fist), in addition to the new international standard competition routines.

Students learn numerous Tai Chi forms such as Simplified 10 and 24 Movements, Compulsory 40 Postures, Combined 42 and 48 Steps, Long Form (also known as the 108 Form), in addition to the new international standard competition routines.
Students learn various Tai Chi forms such as Simplified 38 Steps, Compulsory 73 Movements, and Traditional 97 Postures.

As students progress, they also have the opportunity to learn weapons (e.g., sword, saber, fan, etc.) and push hands.

*** Master Ng values quality over quantity.  Students are expected to refine each form extensively before moving onto the next. One form known well is far more valuable than learning five forms and just going through the movements. ***

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