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Why get started with Tai Chi San Francisco?

Benefits of our Tai Chi classes in San Francisco, CA

Beat stress, achieve harmony of mind and body, and discover the age old secret to staying healthy, happy, and young!


Tai Chi offers a complete mind-body workout that is second to none.



Low Impact, Zero Pain.... Huge Gains


Often called "moving meditation", Tai Chi emphasizes good posture, proper body alignment, relaxation of the body, mind intent, and breath control.  Tai Chi is unlike any other form of exercise you've tried! Its movements are flowing, round, and circular - never forced, jagged, or abrupt.  As such, Tai Chi helps to increase circulation and smooth any tension and stress in the body.  Your muscles are also relaxed and not tensed, and your joints are neither fully extended nor fully bent.  In this way, Tai Chi places minimal stress on your muscles and joints, making risk of injury extremely low.


Tai Chi is great for everyone.... even if you're not in tip top shape or in the best of health.  You learn at your own pace, and with forms ranging from 8 to 108 postures, there are plenty of new movements to learn.  Our San Francisco Tai Chi classes can easily be adapted for anyone - from the most fit to those with prior injuries, health conditions, or are recovering from surgery.


It's just a matter of showing up and joining our fun and supportive Tai Chi classes in San Francisco.  Get started today and live happier and healthier with Tai Chi!



Reduced stress leading to more energy and vitality, and a more peaceful state of mind


Practicing Tai Chi, you will experience a revitalized mental state.  Research has shown that the hand-eye coordination and mind body connection inherent in Tai Chi - where your breath is in-sync with every body movement - promotes calmness.  This, in turn, helps to increase your focus and concentration, while offering stress relief and adding a natural energy boost and sense of tranquility to your life.


In addition to stress relief, Tai Chi has been shown to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, and confusion, as well as improve learning, memory, and brain function. ​



Enhanced coordination, balance, and physical strength leading to higher self-esteem, confidence, and improved health, well-being, and quality of life


Physically, you will feel stronger and more flexible, coordinated, and balanced.  While you won't be lifting weights or using resistance bands in our Tai Chi classes in San Francisco, the plethora of different arm movements and stances offers a full body, yet low impact, workout that strengthens and makes more limber both your upper and lower extremities.  Moreover, Tai Chi's emphasis on holistic movement, that is coordination between the upper and lower body, had added benefits.... among which is strengthening the core muscles of the back and abdomen.


Tai Chi has been shown to provide relief from chronic arthritis and hypertension; strengthen weak joints and ligaments; prevent osteoporosis; lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels; enhance the body's immune system; increase aerobic capacity, agility, and endurance; decrease risk of falls in older adults; and aid in the treatment of patients with sleeping problems and cardiovascular disease.



Increased focus and discipline


Our San Francisco Tai Chi classes also train mental focus and discipline.  Practicing Tai Chi teaches determination and perseverance and helps you to develop assertiveness—being in-tune and aware of your surroundings, while also being able to focus and be free of mental distraction.​


Most important of all, Tai Chi helps you to achieve your personal goals in and out of class.  The confidence and discipline developed while studying Tai Chi is applicable to everyday life—at school, in the workplace, and in other endeavors.


In this way, Tai Chi and the internal martial arts bring out the best in each of us.


Want to start living better and healthier?  Try one of our classes today!




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Student perspectives on our San Francisco Tai Chi classes

This is the BEST place I have found for my personal growth and health improvement! I have more flexibility in my body and have a greater positive attitude in my life. I highly recommend Master Ng's classes for anyone looking to improve himself. You have nothing to lose but you sure have a lot to gain!

- Sonia



Boy did I get lucky! The staff and other students are extremely welcoming & friendly. The music and opening/closing stretches and Qi Gong exercises are very relaxing. Best of all, the teacher, known as "Sifu" is exceptional: clear, thoughtful, patient, and kind.

- Kat



You can't find a better place to learn Tai Chi! Since coming here, my knees and ankles no longer hurt and my stress has just faded away. Master Ng teaches every single class. He is incredibly patient, encouraging, and truly gifted. 

- Victor



At first, I was apprehensive to start Tai Chi because of prior injuries, but Master Ng reassured me. Shifu has proven to be patient and encouraging, and willing to modify moves to accommodate my physical limitations. I'm glad I got started; I feel happy and energized after every class!

                                                                       - Colleen



Master Ng's classes are fun yet structured. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient. He always takes the time to break things down and explain how each move is used, which helps tremendously in the learning process.

- Patricia



Master Ng is the best! Shifu's patience and attention to detail is second to none. Truly instruction of the highest quality. His lessons are challenging but lots of fun! I highly recommend Master Ng's classes for anyone looking for an awesome way to improve and maintain their health and fitness.

- Christine

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