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Baguazhang in San Francisco, CA


San Francisco Bagua Class Schedule


Based on the Yi Jing (Book of Changes), Bagua 八卦 is an intricate internal martial art that combines continuous spinning, turning, and rotating with circular footwork to neutralize, trap, and lock incoming attacks. Bagua is also a highly effective health art and form of moving meditation that calms the mind and spirit, strengthens the body, increases balance and flexibility, as well as cultivates, enhances, and rejuvenates Qi (life force energy). Students in our Bagua classes in San Francisco learn the Cheng style of Baguazhang.

Group Classes and Private Lessons

Our group Bagua classes in San Francisco are closed at this time. Currently, Dr. Ng is available for in-person private Bagua classes and virtual Bagua online classes. For more information, please contact us.

Corporate Bagua Workshops

For office Bagua classes at work, please click here.

Why choose our Bagua classes in San Francisco?


Personalized and Engaging Classes with Highly Qualified Instruction


Master Ng's Bagua classes in San Francisco strive to be challenging, yet fun and engaging, offering our students a learning environment that is extremely personal, warm, and welcoming.


All of our San Francisco Baguazhang classes are personally taught by Master Mike Ng, who attends to each individual student, making corrections, answering questions, and teaching new material.  Master Ng, a nine-time International All-Around Champion in internal styles and member of the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, studied under the watchful eye of Fifth Generation Lineage Holder Jia Shu Sen (past President of the Beijing Baguazhang Research Institute and disciple of the famed Fourth Generation Cheng Family Gatekeeper Sun Zhi Jun).


You will discover immediately that Master Ng is both patient and thorough in his teaching, always willing to clarify points and further explain and demonstrate in detail the mechanics and purpose of each posture.

Quality Authentic Training, Providing for Steady Progress and Skill Building


We offer authentic instruction in traditional Cheng style Baguazhang. Material is taught via a systematic, progressive curriculum that emphasizes the importance of a rooted stance and lively waist and is based largely on the teachings from Great Grandmaster Sun Zhi Jun. Students train extensively on Bagua's signature mud-wading step, or tang ni bu 趟泥步, and other stepping and kicking drills to increase strength, balance, and stability in the lower body, as well as Master Ng's "Swimming Body" moving Qigong and conditioning exercises to develop agility, flexibility, and relaxed whipping power.  These fundamentals are later used as building blocks for more complex empty-hand forms and weapons training. 


Why get started with Bagua San Francisco?


Benefits of our San Francisco Baguazhang classes


  • Bagua promotes proper Qi (life force energy) flow by activating the body's Eight Extraordinary Meridians and strengthening the internal organs such as the kidney, spleen, heart, liver, and lungs. This, in turn, helps to prevent diseases, slow down the aging process, and maintain optimal health.

  • Bagua also increases internal strength and energy, while releasing tension in the body, by training you to root your Qi, relax your shoulders, sink your elbows, and use your hips and waist to direct the concentration of force in your movements.

  • As a form of moving meditation, Baguazhang helps to calm the mind and reduce mental stress.

  • Bagua also enhances your brain cognitive function by stretching the spinal cord and increasing the sensitivity of your central nervous system.

  • Physically, Baguazhang refines the coordination of your upper and lower extremeties, which increases your balance and flexibility.

  • By stretching your limbs and waist, Bagua improves body posture, invigorates your digestive system, strengthens your bones and tendons, and prevents injuries such as sprains.


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What is taught at Baguazhang San Francisco

The curriculum used in our San Francisco Bagua classes is predominantly based on the teachings of Great Grandmaster Sun Zhi Jun, as inherited by Master Mike Ng through his studies with Grandmaster Jia Shu Sen.  

Emphasis on fundamental hand techniques, footwork, and body coordination. Extensive practice of Bagua mud-wading step known as tang ni bu (趟泥步) as well as the outward buckle and inward hook steps (摆扣步).  Introduction to basic palm strikes --- pushing palm, threading/piercing palm, cutting/slicing palm, lifting palm, chopping palm, exploring palm, scooping palm, and striking palm (推掌、穿掌、削掌、挑掌、劈掌、 探掌、撩掌、撞掌) --- as well as Swimming Body conditioning exercises.
Eight Fixed Palms 定式八掌, also known as the Eight Turning Palms or 八卦转掌, introduces the fundamental eight palm postures of Cheng style Baguazhang: Down treading palm (下沉掌), Up lifting palm (平托掌), Double striking palm (双撞掌), Arm wrapping palm (合抱掌), Yin Yang palm (阴阳掌), Side opening palm (横开掌), Heaven and Earth double thrusting palm (指天差地掌), and Pushing and grinding palm (推磨转掌).

Eight Mother Palms 八大母掌, also known as the Old Eight Palms (老八掌), of Cheng style Baguazhang: Single palm change (单换掌), Following through palm (顺势掌), Double palm change (双换掌), Behind the body palm (背身掌), Grinding body palm (磨身掌), Turning body palm (转身掌), Returning body palm (回身掌), and Overturning body palm (翻身掌). With variations to each of the Eight Mother Palms, this form consists of over 126 different techniques. It is considered the most important form in the Cheng style Bagua system.


Linking Palms 八卦连环掌 connects the eight individual Mother Palms together into one flowing routine. Requiring a higher level refinement of skills, the practitioner should embody the spirit of a Swimming Dragon, the true essence of Cheng style Baguazhang.

At the advanced level, our Cheng style Bagua curriculum also consists of practical self defense applications of Bagua Zhang, two-person sparring drills as well as numerous weapons such as Bagua's unique Double Hooks (Deer Horn Knives), Saber, Sword, Spear, and more.


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